Our primary focus is technology services - we consult, design, build, deploy and manage services and solutions that centre on meeting our customers needs. Whether this is a product that we create to meet market need or a tailored solution created for a specific client or purpose, our focus in finding a solution is on the core business need and how best to address it given the available skills, capabilities, budget, time and resources.

Our approach is to consider each project as unique from the start, rather than automatically trying "box and template" our client needs to match our existing tools and solutions. However, where appropriate, we will include options that make use of our powerful tools when there is a clear benefit to doing so.

The services that we provide tend to fall into 3 main areas :
  • Consulting - proving guidance and solutions to clients without a implementation deliverable.
  • Development - our primary area of focus - providing soutions that meet business needs.
  • Hosting - we provide a set of hosting and related services for clients that do not have the resources, expertise or inclination to do this themselves