Through the course of the wide range of projects we have participated in, we have collected and developed a strong portfolio of powerful tools that help us to deliver our solutions and services more effectively. These tools usually consist of our own work, sometimes combined with a mixture of 3rd party and open source applications to create something much more powerful. Many of these tools exist in "libraries" of tools and code and are continually re-used throught out the work that we do. Some of these tools have developed to the stage of being stand-alone applications or "widgets" which can be deployed quickly and repeatedly with minimum integration requirement and maximum effect. A few, however have developed beyond simple point products into full systems in their own right.

Three of the tools that have emerged as full systems are : We are not, however, beholden to the legacy of what we accumulate. We do not feel the need rely on what we have, and are passionate about adding value. If we are not adding value then we are wasting time - both ours and our clients. To ensure that we maintain a fresh aspect to our work, we aim to devote a significant portion of our time researching and developing, augmenting, improving and culling where necessary. We believe this keeps our offerings agile, relevant and interesting. We try to respond to our clients needs continually innovating and evolving, without feeling the need to be sentimental. This gives us a fantastic mix of relevant tools and services to offer, and a significant back catalogue that we can call on if necessary. All with the intention of adding value to our clients - present and future.