Customisable look and feel
SurveyDaemon is Xendica's online research and interactivity management platform. Although it is capable of managing a survey of any size, SurveyDaemon's features tend to make it most useful for managing large multi-wave surveys, especially ones where it is not feasible to ask all the questions in a single sitting.

SurveyDaemon uses a question prioritisation system to ensure that the most important data is collected most often, while also keeping any individual session within reasonable time limits. This may be tweaked to provide the best mix of scale and relevance for each particular study/system, thereby maximising both the quality and quantity of data that can be collected by avoiding "survey fatigue".

  • Multi-wave data collection
    • ability to keep track of multiple iterations of responses
  • Survey resume functionality
    • Allows for respondents to stop and resume the survey at a later stage
  • Export to multiple formats - Triple-S, SPSS and HTML tablular (Excel).
  • Email campaign management
    • Powerful campaign management tool that allows the management of distribution lists, filters and blacklist management.
    • Email personalisation and customiseable templates.
    • Email tracking facilities to enable monitoring of click-through rates and to measure general campaign effectiveness.including tracking response rates at various stages from opening of emails to survey completion
  • Online administration interface
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Rich interface - capable of incorporating graphics, animation and multimedia
  • Customisable look and feel
    • Every survey can be customised to match your desired look and feel, from the layout of the actual pages right through to the HTML notification emails.
  • Real-time monitoring and administration
    • SurveyDaemon allows for the real-time tracking of respondents as they complete surveys. This provides valuable insight into potential causes for drop-outs by identifying common drop-out points and module completion times.

Real-time monitoring
Multi-wave surveys explained

What makes SurveyDaemon unique is undoubtedly it's multi-wave capacity. This essentially works by breaking a large survey down into modules, and assigning each module a refresh priority. When a respondent completes a wave, SurveyDaemon calculates which modules that respondent needs to refresh for that wave, and builds routing specific to that respondents data. This means the entire survey need not be asked every wave, but that an export will still contain the most up-to-date set of data.

How much does it cost?

Every survey is different, and would need to be quoted on based on the number of questions, routing complexity, number of respondents, and the extent of look and feel customisation required. Additional functionality such as email campaign management and multi-wave capability can be added as required. Please contact us for a quote.