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contentDaemon is a flexible, dynamic content management system, taking advantage of industry best practises.

The system allows you to create multiple re-usable content objects based on custom content definitions. The display of these objects is then controlled by content classes, which allows you to vary the presentation of an item depending on its context.

  • comprehensive versioning and rollback
  • multiple user permission levels and workflow management
  • multi-lingual support, including right-to-left languages
  • remote publishing or dynamic hosting
  • inline WYSIWYG content editing
  • image and file library support
  • SEO friendly features, including dynamic sitemap publishing

Multi-lingual content managed solution for
More about our multi-lingual support

contentDaemon has been built from the ground up to support multiple languages. Every level of building block can be translated, from the page templates to the individual content items, and can be configured to fall back on a default language if no language specific content is available.

All foreign character sets are supported, including those written right-to-left. Click below for live examples of contentDaemon serving foreign language websites (both with English equivalents):

Ocean Sky (Russian & English)
Seera (Arabic & English)