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Xendica Limited (Xendica) is a company registered in England and Wales. The registered address is 727-729 High Road, London, England, N12 0BP and the company registration number is 05160920.

Xendica processes personal data contained in business data transmitted to it on behalf of its customers, only to the extent necessary for provision of the required services and only accordance with the customers' instructions. Xendica's customers choose what business data they share with Xendica based on the services they use, and own all rights in and to all their business data.

In legal terms, Xendica is a data processor and its customers are data controllers. As data controllers, Xendica's customers are accountable for compliance with personal data protection requirements that apply to their operations.

As a data processor, Xendica's obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are:

More on Security

Xendica's information security program maintains appropriate technical and organisational security measures designed to protect the security and integrity of the data under management. Xendica's security measures are based on globally accepted standards and may be summarized as:

Xendica regularly audits the application of its security measures. Xendica will notify its related customers in the unlikely event of a security breach on its systems of which it becomes aware, as soon as Xendica becomes aware of the breach and has assessed its impact.

More on 3rd Parties

In order to provide its services, Xendica makes use of trusted 3rd parties. Trusted 3rd parties are companies or individuals that are engaged to provide technical solutions as part of Xendica's operations. For example, in order to provide data storage services or IT services. Xendica remains responsible for the handling of business information per its customer's instructions.

There is no intention that the data will be accessed or manipulated by these trusted 3rd parties. All business data is transmitted securely and the trusted 3rd parties are governed by agreements and policies to prevent their access to the data.

Trusted 3rd parties at thus time include:

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